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Meadow Park Academy

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Year 6

Hello to all our fabulous year six children!

First of all, a massive thank you to everyone for all the effort put into the year so far. This has paid off and we are incredibly proud of you. 

Although we are sad that we will have some time apart, we hope that you will keep yourselves safe, enjoy some time with your families and learn different skills other than those that we can teach you at school. 

You have your learning packs to complete and we will update these weekly for you with new pages. Remember that learning can come in lots of forms, and learning to cook and other skills around the house could come in useful!

There is a lot of speculation about when we will be back - we hope to be back soon and can then enjoy the rest of the year. If not, we will plan a huge leavers day for you and will be in touch. 

We can always be contacted by email so feel free to do so and we will help as we can.

Keep safe and enjoy your family time. We are super proud!

Miss Hammond and Miss Hicks. 

You can access the resources by clicking the attachments below.

Englefield Schools Days - 10th & 11th June 2020

The Englefield Schools Days will not be taking place this year due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.

They have provided some information and activities for children via the Outreach section of their website, and will continue to update with further material. They hope pupils are able to make use of this in the weeks ahead: