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Meadow Park Academy

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Year 2

To all of Year two at Meadow Park Academy,

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your support and patience through this unique challenge. You have given us the time to organise the work necessary to support and continue your child’s leaning. We wish we had more answers at the door when you ask but we too are going into this with some worries. What we are sure about is that the Meadow Park Academy teaching staff and parents will rally together and help those in need as we all believe in community spirit.

The latest government advise, which we are following, tells us to close our doors on Friday. Doors may be closed but communication is not, we will be available to support you with any concerns. We are crossing our fingers that this is just a short disruption and schools will be opening quickly, if this is not possible then more work will be provided to help with home learning.

We can only imagine that some of you are starting this home learning with apprehension and self-doubt, please don’t! Your children already learn so much from you already. Take this time to enjoy listening to each other, drawing pictures, writing cards. Try to have open conversations about what your child would like to learn – we might have some super scientist, amazing artists or perfect poets, now is the time for you to flourish.

Lastly, we would like to wish you an early Happy Easter and wish you all well.

Look forward to see you all soon,

Year Two team and all at Meadow Park Academy 

You can access the resources by clicking the attachments below.

A short animated story for our younger children about social distancing.