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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Ms S Butler

Interim Headteacher     

Miss L Atkinson Deputy Headteacher
Mrs S Holmes & Mrs S Doran

SEN Co-ordinator/Inclusion Manager


Mrs C Gowing                                           Foundation Class Teacher
Mrs A Narracott Foundation Class Teacher
Mrs H Puzas Year 1 Class Teacher
Miss I Huszar

Year 1 Class Teacher (maternity cover for Ms C Steel)

Miss S Tissot Year 2 Class Teacher
Mrs A Nowica Year 2 Class Teacher
Miss K Oram Year 3 Class Teacher
Miss S Latif Year 3 Class Teacher
Miss A Bancroft Year 4 Class Teacher
Mrs L Burridge Year 4 Class Teacher
Miss L Atkinson Acting Year 5 Class Teacher
Miss K Hammond Year 6 Class Teacher


Miss D Beauvois                                          Teaching Assistant
Miss L Buckner Emotional Literacy Support Assistant/TA
Mrs M Buckner Teaching Assistant
Mrs I Butler

Teaching Assistant

Mr L Cliburn Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Dar Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Dibley Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Gibbons Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Gingell Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Greaves Teaching Assistant
Mrs W Hale Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss D Hopgood Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Hill Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Kershaw Pastoral & Emotional Support Worker
Miss A King Teaching Assistant
Mrs W Kowalczyk English as an Additional Language Support Assistant/TA
Miss I Lewis Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Mullins Foundation Keyworker
Mrs S Paget Teaching Assistant
Miss S Pomeroy Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Scarfe Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Scott Teaching Assistant & Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss F Sim Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Taylor Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Whitby Teaching Assistant
Miss L Willis Teaching Assistant
Miss L Wilson  Higher Level Teaching Assistant


Mrs P Carragher        Executive Business Manager
Mr D Clark Facilities Manager
Mrs K Gericke Admin Officer
Mrs K Clark Admin Officer (Finance)
Mrs T Farmer Receptionist


Mrs Y Haigh  Lunchtime Controller
Mrs K Hall Lunchtime Controller
Mrs J Henwood Lunchtime Controller
Mrs S McNulty Lunchtime Controller
Mrs J Kearns Lunchtime Controller
Mrs J Robinson

Lunchtime Controller

Mrs M Williams

Lunchtime Controller

Mrs L Foster Lunchtime Controller
Miss R Flowers Lunchtime Controller


Mrs K Walker          Chair of Governors (CfBT)
Mr R Uter Governor
Mr D Payne Governor
Mr G Owen


Mrs M Segrove Governor
Vacancy Governor



  • Vision and Values for MPA
  • At Meadow Park Academy we aim to develop the individual as a whole - mind, body and spirit, by celebrating
  • each child’s unique skills and qualities and targeting personal development alongside achievement and
  • progress. We encourage our pupils to be creative, take risks and build character in order to maximise
  • achievement in all areas. In doing so they develop a lifelong love of learning through nurture and adventure as well as
  • the resilience to follow their own paths and contribute to our communities as responsible global citizens.
  • Our School Values
    • To be responsible
    • To be determined
    • To be proud
    • To be respectful
    • To be creative
    • To be positive