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Opening Times

When children arrive at the academy each morning they will be able to enter school between 8.30 am and 8.50 am This will give the children some settling/quiet work time before the register is taken and allow the teachers to have more contact time with parents/carers.


The doors will all be covered by a teacher or teaching assistant . At the doors, we would like you to say goodbye to your children and help them to develop their independence by walking inside by themselves.


At 8.50 am all school doors will be shut and locked. If you arrive after this time you will need to enter the school via the office. For the security of the children it would be appreciated if parents/carers could leave the school grounds promptly so that the gates can be locked.

Norcot Road Gate Opening Times

We will try our utmost to open the gate at 8.30 am but will always ensure that the gates are open to give sufficient time for children to be in class before registration is taken.


Morning Open Closed
  8.30am 8.50am
Afternoon Open Closed
  3.00pm 3.30pm


Academy Day

8.50am Registration and lessons begin
10.45am-11am Whole school, morning break
12.00pm - 12.45pm Key Stage 1 - Lunchtime
12.30pm - 1.15pm Key Stage 2 - Lunchtime
3.15pm Whole school lessons end

We encourage each child to learn and follow simple daily routines in order to make them independent and responsible for their own belongings. It would be an enormous help to the staff and your child if you could support this by doing the following:


  • Leaving your child in their class in the mornings allowing them to enter the building independently with their class teacher.
  • Giving your child a piece of fruit (cut up if necessary for them to eat easily).
  • If bringing a packed lunch please give your child a healthy balanced lunch with a non fizzy drink and no confectionery.
  • Labeling all belongings including clothes and PE kits and shoes.
  • Ensuring your child has their PE kit on the correct days.
  • Ensuring your child has their lunch box and book bag with them in the morning.
  • Allowing your child to be responsible for their own book bag and being involved in the communication process (tell them there is a letter etc for class teacher in their bag).
  • Encouraging your child to think sensibly about items that they may wish to bring into school to ‘share’ with the class. These items should not be breakable and if possible could you please ensure children only bring items on a Friday.
  • Please inform the staff through notes or phone message if a different nominated adult is collecting them from school.
  • Ensuring you communicate with the school appropriately by sending a note or phoning the school office.

  • Vision and Values for MPA
  • At Meadow Park Academy we aim to develop the individual as a whole - mind, body and spirit, by celebrating
  • each child’s unique skills and qualities and targeting personal development alongside achievement and
  • progress. We encourage our pupils to be creative, take risks and build character in order to maximise
  • achievement in all areas. In doing so they develop a lifelong love of learning through nurture and adventure as well as
  • the resilience to follow their own paths and contribute to our communities as responsible global citizens.
  • Our School Values
    • To be responsible
    • To be determined
    • To be proud
    • To be respectful
    • To be creative
    • To be positive