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Meadow Park Academy has an agreed admission number of 60 pupils per year group. Meadow Park Academy will accordingly admit 60 pupils in the relevant age group each year if sufficient applications are received.

Process of application

Applications for places at the Academy will be made in accordance with Reading Borough Council’s co-ordinated admission arrangements, and parents will complete their home Local Authority Standard Application Form. Meadow Park Academy will use the following timetable for applications each year (exact dates within the months may vary from year to year) which, whenever possible, will fit in with the common timetable agreed by Reading Borough Council:

a) September – The Academy will publish in its prospectus information about the arrangements for admission, including oversubscription criteria, for the following September (e.g. in September 2017 for admission in September 2018). This will include details of open evenings and other opportunities for prospective pupils and their parents to visit the school.

Please note that, to be considered for admission, all applicants must complete and submit their home Local Authority’s Standard Application form, including Meadow Park as one of their preferences. The Academy will also provide information to the Local Authority for inclusion in the composite prospectus, as required.


b) September/October – The Academy will provide opportunities for parents to visit the Academy.


c) November – Parents to receive the Standard Application Form from their home Local Authority and complete, returning it by mid January to their home Local Authority to administer.


d) February – Reading Borough Council receive the admission data for Meadow Park Academy and forward this admission data to Meadow Park Academy (regardless of preference).


e) March – Meadow Park Academy sends a list of their 60 offers of places to Reading Borough Council.


f) April – Reading Borough Council will return the names of the students being offered a higher preference elsewhere. Meadow Park Academy submits replacement offers.


h) April– An offer of a place at the Academy is sent out by post to parents by Reading Borough Council. Parents of children who do not live in Reading will be notified by their home Local Authority.

  • Vision and Values for MPA
  • At Meadow Park Academy we aim to develop the individual as a whole - mind, body and spirit, by celebrating
  • each child’s unique skills and qualities and targeting personal development alongside achievement and
  • progress. We encourage our pupils to be creative, take risks and build character in order to maximise
  • achievement in all areas. In doing so they develop a lifelong love of learning through nurture and adventure as well as
  • the resilience to follow their own paths and contribute to our communities as responsible global citizens.
  • Our School Values
    • To be responsible
    • To be determined
    • To be proud
    • To be respectful
    • To be creative
    • To be positive